Welcome to the Winery and Restaurant by the Chapel

Welcome to the Winery and Restaurant by the Chapel
We would like to welcome you to our traditional, family- friendly restaurant.
The story of this picturesque house which is located directly in the heart of Vajnory began in 1884. Back then it was a standard village house with two rooms, a cellar and a summer kitchen with a smokehouse and a shed.
In the year 1996 the house was reconstructed, thus marking the start of a new era of a popular Vajnory restaurant named Winery and Restaurant by the Chapel.
In 1997 the house was awarded a special prize by the DOMUS agency for a successful revival of a traditional Vajnory house.
In our restaurant you can enjoy traditional Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Some of our main specialties include Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad, beef sirloin in cream sauce or Pressburger goulash. You can also taste our homemade sheep cheese pierogi or sheep cheese dumplings with bacon.
In March, 2015 the restaurant underwent a minor reconstruction, and since then a new team of personnel welcomes you with a big smile every day.
A 20 year old tradition came alive through the spirit of young people who always bring in new ideas and a lot of positive energy.

About us

Our Team
We have been taking care of our customers with love for over three years. Until now, we operated at a different location. However, we felt the need to move forward and bring our tasty food and work satisfaction to a new venue. Since April 2015 we have had our doors open to you in Restaurant by the Chapel in Vajnory.
How we cook
Our meals are always prepared from fresh, high- quality ingredients, without artificial additives or flavor enhancers. Our chefs cook with love, so you can always have a pleasant experience and leave the restaurant with a smile on your face.
History of Vajnory
The first written mention of the city district Vajnory comes from the year 1237, however the first mention of settlement are 2300 years old.
In the times of Great Moravia this area served as peasants´ settlements called Prača and Dvorník, which belonged to the Bratislava castle hill. Citizens of Dvorník were in charge of supplying the royal court with high-quality wine, while Prača was the home of fighters who made weapons.
Since 1307, when the settlement fell under the rule of Austrian monastery Heilingenkreuzi, the name Weinern became prevalent, referring to the place´s vineyards and wine making expertise. This name has been used until today, although in a slightly modified, Slovak- sounding form- Vajnory.
In 1851 Vajnory gained its own township. It became a part of Bratislava after the Second World War in 1946.