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History of Vajnory
The first written mention of the city district Vajnory comes from the year 1237, however the first mention of settlement are 2300 years old.
In the times of Great Moravia this area served as peasants´ settlements called Prača and Dvorník, which belonged to the Bratislava castle hill. Citizens of Dvorník were in charge of supplying the royal court with high-quality wine, while Prača was the home of fighters who made weapons.
Since 1307, when the settlement fell under the rule of Austrian monastery Heilingenkreuzi, the name Weinern became prevalent, referring to the place´s vineyards and wine making expertise. This name has been used until today, although in a slightly modified, Slovak- sounding form- Vajnory.
In 1851 Vajnory gained its own township. It became a part of Bratislava after the Second World War in 1946.